Connected FAQs

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.

1. General

Why a 20 km of Connected Paris?

The health uncertainties linked to the appearance of Covid19 have led us to perpetuate a connected edition of the 20km of Paris following the success of the 2020 edition.

Cale allows us to keep in touch with our community of runners by offering them an alternative in the event of an impediment to participating in the historic version of the event under the Eiifel Tower.

Apart from the race in the streets of Paris, the experience is identical with the same endowment sent home (medal, T-shirt), a bib and a digital diploma and a real-time ranking.

This is how the Paris Connecté 20km race was born, a new, innovative and fashionable running format.

Why participate in the 20 km of Paris Connected?

  • To support the flagship charity of the current edition to which an amount from your registration will be donated.
  • To live a unique experience with your friends, your family or your colleagues, in Paris, in France or anywhere in the 4 corners of the world.
  • To participate in an event that is both supportive and sporting
  • To support the Club des 20 km de Paris association which has been strongly impacted financially following the Covid cancellations.

When and where can I take part in the 20 km of Paris Connected?

It's when you want between October 5 and 8, 2022, you can complete the 20 km by running or walking.

And that's where you want. Participation in the 20 km of Paris Connected can be done anywhere in France, in the world, freely, in compliance with the use of the places in force on the territory where the activity is carried out (highway code in particular ). In particular, the choice of places must take into account the very first aspect of safety to complete the 20 km. Parks, forests and other pedestrian areas will be preferred.

2 – Registrations

Who can register?

The event is open to all runners or walkers born in 2004 or before. The Handisports “Armchair”, Handisport “Standing” and Joëlette categories are also invited to take part in the event. Companies, Clubs, Schools, Defense entities, Institutions will be able to register as a group and benefit from dedicated services and rankings.

How can I register?

You will first have to register on our registration platform by choosing your pack and then you will have to connect your tracker to the platform of our partner Running Heroes.

Do I need medical proof to participate in the 20 km of Paris Connected?

No, no medical certificate will be required to participate in our connected event.

However, achieving a distance of 20 km requires appropriate training, all participants must be sure of their good physical condition to complete the 20 km of Paris Connecté.

Can I get a refund / transfer my registration in case of non-participation?

In the event of cancellation on your part, all registration fees are retained by the “Club des 20 km de Paris” association, the share of which is donated to a charitable institution.
However, if you had subscribed to a pack when you registered, your prizes will be sent to you.

What is the registration fee?

2 packages are available:

Pack 20km of Paris Connected Premium: €35 including €3 donated to Aviation sans Frontières

  • JOMA technical t-shirt
  • finisher medal
  • Bib and digital diploma

Paris Connecté Basic 20km Pack: €20, of which €3 donated to Aviation sans Frontières

  • Bib and digital diploma


Can I register my company for the 20km of Paris Connected?

Yes, Companies (and any other entity) can register as a group (minimum 5 people) and benefit from dedicated services (assistance with registrations, group invoicing, participation in challenges, recovery, care, etc.). Request to be sent to the address

What does the registration fee include?

These registration amounts include the donation to the supported charity and shipping costs to France.
These prices also make it possible to take into account the costs of managing the registration platform, communication about the race and the amortization of the time/man devoted to the project.

How do I register in the Handisport category?

To register in the Handisport category, simply send your request to

How do I register in the joëlette category?

To register in the Joëlette category, simply send your request to
You must form a group of 6 runners in addition to the person in the joëlette.

Can I register even if I live abroad?

Yes, you can take part in the Les 20 km de Paris Connecté event, anywhere in the 4 corners of the world. It is also possible to take the t-shirt and medal options for a shipping cost of 5 € to Europe and 10 € internationally.

In the Handisport or joëlette category, how should I declare my results?

In the disabled standing and joëlette category: you will have to follow the classic procedure by synchronizing your tracking application.

In the Handisport "wheelchair" category, a dedicated page will be created to allow you to declare your results and send your performance file.

Can I enroll my child?

Yes, the 20 kids of Paris are also available in a connected version

3 – The test

How should I complete the 20 km of Paris Connecté?

The 20 km of Paris Connected event can be done by running or walking.

Can I do the 20 km in several times?

No, you have to cover the distance in one go and without putting your tracker on "pause".

Can I do the 20 km by walking?

Yes, the Paris Connected 20 km event is open to walkers. You can achieve the distance without time limit but in one go.

Is there a time limit to complete the 20km?

No, there is no time limit to complete the 20 km distance but the distance must be covered in one go.

How can I prepare for the 20 km of Paris Connecté?

In order to help you in your performance for the 20 km of Paris Connecté but also in your sports year, we have created connected preparation races of 5km, 10km and 15km.

Am I obliged to run with my digital bib?

No, there is no obligation to wear the digital bib, but for more conviviality on the day of your completion of the 20 km of Paris Connected, we advise you to wear it. We also invite you to publish without restraint on social networks.

What if I achieve a distance greater or less than 20 km?

In case of non-respect of the distance you will unfortunately have to redo the 20 kilometers.

However, a tolerance of 500 additional meters is authorized. But be careful, the time displayed corresponds to the one run. Ex: 20,020km = OK, and 20,560 km = Not taken into account.

If the distance is less than 20 kilometres, the performance will also not be taken into account.

If I do several times 20 km, can I select my best time?

No, the first 20 km activity will be assigned to the 20 km of Paris Connecté.

Is there a Paris Connected 20 kids?

Yes, we have created a 20 kids of Paris Connecté for children from 6 to 16 years old. (See the 20 kids section of Paris Connecté for more information)

4 – Activity data

How are running or walking miles calculated?

Your kilometers traveled will be calculated using the GPS of your smartphone, using a running application or your GPS watch.

What apps can I use to log my miles traveled?

Compatible apps are:
Nike +
Adidas Running (formerly Runtastic)
Health mate
Decathlon Trainer
Movescount (Suunto)

How do I connect my app to the Running Heroes platform?

You will find on this link a video tutorial to help you connect your personal tracker to the race's technical platform.

5 – Ranking & rewards

Is there a ranking for the 20 km of Paris Connecté?

Yes, a men's scratch ranking and a women's scratch ranking.
There will also be a ranking for the following categories:
Less than 19 years
20 24-years
25 29-years
30 24-years
35 39-years
40 44-years
45 49-years
50 54-years
55 59-years
+ 60 years
Handisport “armchair”
Handisport "standing"

Where can I see the ranking?

On the race results page, you will be able to see your provisional ranking in real time (except for "wheelchair" and Kids disabled sports)

The final and official results will be published on the 20 km de Paris website within a week.

What can you win by participating in the 20 km of Paris Connected?

The first three in the men's and women's scratch plus the winners of each category will receive prizes from our partners.

We will also carry out draws that will allow each registrant to win a prize, regardless of their result on the 20 km of Paris Connected.

6 – Staffing

I ordered a 4-race pack, when will I receive my prizes?

For the 3 connected preparation races  You will receive your medal at home within 15 days of your performance.

For the 20km of Connected Premium bets

If you are registered before September 25, you will receive your Joma t-shirt at home at the beginning of September

If you register after September 25, you will receive your Joma t-shirt at home within 15 days after the race at the same time as your finisher medal.

If you ordered the personalized medal option, you will receive your medal within the same timeframe with the plate mentioning your time.

For the 20km of Connected Basic bets

There are no endowments provided in this pack.

7 – 20 kids from Connected Paris

How should I declare the results of the or the child who participated in the race?

Their results will be declared by a responsible adult on a dedicated page of our technical partner.

How many children can I register?

As much as you want. For a group of children greater than 10, please send your request to

Does my child need a medical certificate to be registered?

No, no medical certificate will be required to participate in the 20 kids of Paris Connected. But you will need to sign a parental authorization.

Is there an endowment for the 20 kids of Paris Connecté?

Each child will receive a souvenir medal and a JOMA collector t-shirt.

Will there be a classification for children?

No, there will be no ranking on the 20 kids of Paris Connecté.

Like the 20 kids in Paris, the connected event is a discovery race to encourage leisure participation for young children.