This document supplements the conditions of use of the NJUKO online registration platform. In the event of a contradiction between the conditions of the NJUKO platform and these rules, the terms of these rules should prevail over the conditions of the NJUKO platform.


The connected events of the Vredestein 20 km of Paris are virtual events to be carried out by walking or running in one go, without time limit and anywhere provided that the chosen route is suitable and safe. They do not give rise to an official ranking recognized by the French Athletics Federation.

Their main objective is to help competitors prepare for the "flagship" events of the Vredestein 20km of Paris Presentiel and the Vredestein 20km of Paris Connecté which will take place in October 2023, but they will be offered in their own right without obligation to participate in the "flagship" events.

Course Race Code Distance Date of event
5KM Connected 5KC 5 km Of the 10 16 2023 April
10KM Connected 10KC 10 km June 12-18, 2023
15KM Connected 15KC 15 km From 21 to 27 August 2023
20KM Connected

20KC Basic

or 20KC Premium

20 km From the 1 7 2023 October
20KIDS Connected 20KIC 1000, 2024m or 5000m From the 1 8 2023 October

The planned tests are:


The events are organized by:

The "Club des 20 km de Paris" Association 16 bis, avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or

CS 40300

94114 Arcueil Cedex


Participation in these races is subject to:

A- Age category

The events are open to licensed or unlicensed runners according to age and category as well as their year of birth according to the table below. It is expressly stated that the runners take part in the competition under their own and exclusive responsibility.

Course Minimum age Category born before
5KM Connected 14 years Minimal 2009
10KM Connected 16 years Cadets 2007
15KM Connected 16 years Cadets 2007
20KM Connected 18 years Junior 1th October
20KIDS Connected 6 years 2017

B- Registration fee

All participants in these events register on the Njuko platform dedicated to registration for these connected races.

Registrations will all open at the same time and then close on the last day of the event concerned.

Here are the prices offered for each race: 

Race Code

Price incl.

Residents in France

Price incl.

Residents abroad

5KC 20 € 25 €
10KC 20 € 25 €
15KC 20 € 25 €
20KC Basic (*) 15 € 20 €
20KC Premium (*) 35 € 45 €
20KIC 18 € 23 €

(*) Two offers are proposed for the connected Vredestein 20KM race. The services and endowments offered vary according to the price.

An amount of €3 will be donated to charity.

Two pack offers of four (4) races are offered 

Offers Courses

Price incl.

Residents in France

Price incl.

Residents abroad

Global Pack Vresdestein 20km of Connected Paris

5KM Connected

10KM Connected

15KM Connected

20KM Connected

80 € 105 €


Pack Global Vredestein 20km of Paris Face-to-face


5KM Connected

10KM Connected

15KM Connected


95 €


105 €

20KM in person

The registration fees are to be paid in cash, in full on the day of registration on the Njuko registration platform for the benefit of the Association Club des 20 km de Paris.

The service offered and the prize vary according to the race(s), as presented below:

5K, 10K and 15K races Connected

  • Bib and digital diploma,
  • finisher medal,
  • Optional: Personalized medal (10 € including tax)

The Paris Connected Vredestein 20km race (20KC) is available in two (2) distinct offers:

  • A fully digital Basic offer (20KC Basic)
  • A Premium offer including a medal and t-shirt endowment (20KC Premium)

The Vredestein Race 20km of Paris Connected Basic

  • Bib and digital diploma,

The Vredestein Race 20km of Paris Connected Premium

  • Bib and digital diploma,
  • finisher medal
  • Souvenir t-shirt
  • Messenger bag
  • 2 shipments to France (T-shirt then medal)
  • Optional: Personalized medal (10 € including tax)

The Global Vredestein 20km Pack of Connected Paris

  • Numbers and digital diplomas for the 4 races,
  • 4 finisher medals and its presentation base
  • 1 Souvenir T-shirt
  • 1 messenger bag
  • 4 or 5 postal items in France or abroad (T-shirt and medals)
  • Optional: Personalized medal = 10 € including tax (for each medal)

The Global Vredestein Pack 20km of Paris Face-to-face

  • Digital and paper bibs and diplomas for the 4 races,
  • 4 finisher medals and its presentation base
  • 1 Souvenir T-shirt
  • 1 messenger bag
  • 3 or 4 postal items in France or abroad (medals)
  • Optional: Personalized medal = 10 € (for each medal)
  • The Vredestein 20Kids de Paris Connecté (20KIC) race is available in 1 single offer:
  • Bib and digital diploma,
  • Souvenir medal
  • Souvenir t-shirt
  • Messenger bag
  • 1 shipment in France or abroad (T-shirt and medal)

These registration amounts make it possible to take into account the costs of managing the registration platform, communication on the races, the various mailings and the amortization of the time/man devoted to the implementation of all these races. .

C- Insurance

All registrants declare that they are in possession of an individual accident insurance policy covering bodily injury. Connected races are virtual events, not supervised by the organizer. All registrants participate under their full responsibility for any damage whatsoever. Running a distance of 20 km requires appropriate training, so all participants must be sure of their good physical condition to complete their race. By registering for a connected race, participants declare that they have been informed of this point and agree to participate under their full responsibility. They release the Association "Club des 20 km de Paris", organizer of the event, from any liability for any claim whatsoever, concerning any personal injury, death or material damage occurring during the connected races.


A- General

  • Online registrations – They close at 23:59 p.m. the day before the last day of the event

Registration takes place via the Vredestein 20 km de Paris website, which uses the Njuko platform, technical service provider for the Club des 20km de Paris association.

To this end, the participant must complete a registration form and accept without reservation these race rules and, where applicable, those of the race in face-to-face version.

The participant undertakes to provide only sincere information.

Payment is made by secure payment, on the Njuko platform, by credit card: Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Payment by bank card is irrevocable, except in the case of fraudulent use of the card. In this case, the participant can request the cancellation of the payment and the restitution of the corresponding sums.

Payments made by the participant will only be considered final after actual collection of the sums due.

Important: any application submitted other than by this site or through sites accredited to sell registrations for events organized by the Club des 20km de Paris association (in particular by e-mail or post or delivered by hand) cannot be taken. into account.

  • Group registration

Registrations are managed solely by the commercial department of the Association Club des 20km de Paris.

B- Disabled athletes “Armchair”

Wheelchair athletes will be able to participate in connected races, except for wheelchair athletes of the “Handibyke” type considered as cyclists by the Handisport Federation. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The wheelchair must be equipped with a braking device. The "wheelchair" Handisports will not be connected to the technical platform of the race. They must provide proof of the completion of the race by providing the GPS track (GPX file) of their event.

C- “Standing” disabled athletes

Disabled “Standing” athletes will be able to participate in the race.


Teams of joëlettes can also participate.

The number of joëlette companions is between 2 and 8. The team must proceed to a group registration in the registration module. The team members who are registered, will have to carry out the test together with the joëlette and therefore have consistent results.


Children will have the opportunity to register for a connected version of the Vredestein 20 kids in Paris.

Depending on their age, they will be offered to run the following distances:

6-9 years old: 1000m

10-13 years old: 2024m

14-16 years old: 5000m

This is a discovery race and no classification will be published. A summary of the children's performances in alphabetical order will only be published on the Association's website:

Unlike adults, children will not need to use a tracking tool and entering children's results is declarative. After the race, the parents or reference adults will be able to fill in the children's results using a link provided for this purpose.


Participants will record the data of their activities relating to the Vredestein 20 km de Paris events in Connected mode using their personal digital device. No official timing will be made.

After having connected his personal tracking device before the races, this activity data will be automatically imported on the platform of the technical service provider designated by the Association, which will allow the validation of the performance.

The presentation of the times achieved in each race does not constitute a classification approved by the FFA. The Association Club des 20 km de Paris reserves the right to carry out checks, in partnership with the service provider, on performances which it may consider suspicious. In this case, the association reserves the right to delete any suspicious performance and to unregister the participant from the unofficial general classification.


Running a Vredestein 20 km de Paris connected event can be done anywhere in France, in the world, freely, in compliance with the rules of conduct in force in the territory where the activity is carried out (highway code in particular) . In particular, the choice of places must take into account, in the very first aspect, safety to achieve the distances whether they are 5 km or 20 km. Parks, forests and other pedestrian areas will be preferred.

Each participant must have made arrangements to complete the distance in optimal conditions. It will therefore be necessary to take into account in particular the climatic conditions and personal physical capacities, and to adapt your race accordingly.


The events take place according to the sporting rules indicated below as well as in the charter of good conduct accessible on the registration pages for the connected events of the Vredestein 20km de Paris.

As for an official race, once the finish line has been crossed, and the 5, 10, 15 or 20km covered, the participant must stop his time

  • A tolerance of 500 additional meters is authorized
  • The participant must run in one go, it is forbidden to cut or pause the tracker
  • Participants are advised to locate their route before D-Day
  • The participant must choose a flat route, the downhill route is A maximum difference in altitude of 50m downhill between the starting point and the finishing point will be accepted. Any performance whose altitude differential will be greater than minus 50m (therefore downhill) will not be counted in the classification. A loop course that starts and ends at the same point with uphill and downhill sections in between is accepted.
  • It is forbidden to use any vehicle or accessory that can distort performance (bicycle, scooter, rollerblade, car, etc.). Running on treadmills/ellipticals is also prohibited.
  • The performances must be accessible by the organization team for verification (gpx files, recorded data, etc.)
  • The participant whose level of performance makes him eligible for the first 20 places in the ranking must wear a heart rate monitor and provide his data if necessary.
  • Proof of performance may be requested
  • If the participant's performance is deemed "unusual", the participant may be disqualified.
  • A team of referees will monitor the performances of the best athletes throughout the race and random checks will be carried out on the basis of all the other participants.


The results and the lists by category established by the Association are only indicative and do not present any official character in particular with the FFA.

The results will be published on the platform of the technical partner Running Heroes and updated throughout the events. The final results will be published on the Vredestein 20 km de Paris website within a week.

In accordance with the law known as “Informatique et Libertés”, participants may object to the publication of their results on these sites.


Participation in the Vredestein 20 km de Paris connected races is prohibited for all wheeled vehicles.


By registering for the Vredestein 20 km de Paris, the participant expressly authorizes the Association Club des 20 km de Paris as well as its beneficiaries (such as partners and media) to use or have used or reproduce or have reproduced his name, his image, his voice and his sporting performance within the framework of the sporting event with a view to any direct exploitation or in derivative form of the event and this, on any medium, throughout the world, by any means known or unknown to to date, and for the entire duration of protection currently granted to these direct or derivative uses by legislative or regulatory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for extensions any that could be made to this duration.

This authorization is given without financial compensation and remuneration due to the use of the images produced.

The Association Club des 20 km de Paris is expressly prohibited from exploiting the photographs likely to infringe the private life or reputation of the participant, and from using the photographs covered by this authorization on any medium of likely to cause harm to the participant.

The participant may object to the use of his image (and request the modification and removal of the latter) by email to the address or postal mail accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document, addressed to: Association Club des 20 km de Paris, 16bis avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or CS 40300 94114 Arcueil Cedex.


Data collected:

By registering for the Vredestein 20 km de Paris, the competitor is required to provide a certain amount of data and information, in particular during the registration procedure. This data makes it possible to identify the competitor, directly or indirectly, and may be considered as personal data within the meaning of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

In general, the personal data communicated by the participants is intended for the personnel authorized by the Club des 20 km de Paris Association, who may be members of the Association or a service provider responsible for processing this data (timekeeper, printer of the bibs, registration manager, communication agency, etc.).

The Association Club des 20km de Paris collects this data, for specific purposes, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and with the consent of the participant, and in particular for the purposes of:

  • Allow the creation, management and access to the participant's account;
  • Provide the information and options chosen;
  • Allow the processing, monitoring and management of participant registrations for the various editions of the Vredestein 20 km de Paris;
  • Fight against fraud;
  • Allow the management, modification of the services offered by the Association Club des 20 km de Paris;
  • Send emails or messages to provide the participant with any useful information such as order confirmation, updates, newsletters from Vredestein 20 km from Paris, etc.
  • Send e-mails or SMS to the participant in order to provide him with information, announcements and updates relating to the Vredestein 20 km from Paris;
  • Collect information, in particular through polls, surveys or
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions, in particular with regard to the absence of medical contraindications to participation in the Vredestein 20km de Paris;
  • Send emails or SMS to inform the participant of other partner events that may be of interest;
  • Enable the marketing management and promotion of the services offered by the Association Club des 20km de Paris;
  • Send emails or SMS, in order to communicate promotional offers, advertisements or other commercial communications from partners;
  • Organize lotteries and contests and allow the participant to register and participate in them;
  • Inform the participant of his results, send him his diplomas;
  • Allow any other purpose specified when collecting the data.

In application of the law of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and reinforced freedoms and supplemented by the RGPD (general regulation on data protection) and modified by law n ° 2018-493 of June 20, 2018, the participant has the rights of interrogation, access, rectification and opposition for legitimate reasons relating to all the data concerning him as well as a right of opposition to the commercial prospecting of the Association Club des 20 km from Paris and/or its business partners. The participant also has the right to formulate specific or general directives concerning the storage, erasure and communication of his post-mortem data.

The participant may exercise all of his rights by e-mail to the address or postal mail accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document, addressed to: the Association Club des 20 km de Paris, 16bis avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or CS 40300 94114 Arcueil Cedex.

Requests will be taken into account as soon as possible.

Participants may also unsubscribe from newsletters by going directly to the bottom of one of the newsletters they receive. Requests will be taken into account within a maximum period of 48 hours – 2 working days – except for requests sent by post, which require a period of 8 days.


The participant agrees not to abandon equipment, or throw waste on the public highway during the event.


In the event of force majeure, in particular and without this list being exhaustive, in the event of a climatic event, natural disaster, change in health restrictions or any other circumstance endangering the safety of the participants, the organization reserves the right to modify the dates of the events or to cancel the running session without the actors being able to claim compensation for the damage.

If the competitor decides to cancel his participation in one of the connected races, all registration fees are retained by the Association Club des 20 km de Paris, including the amount of charitable support (€3 per race) which will be donated to the association supported by the race.


It is recalled here that in accordance with the provisions of Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code: "The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts (...) for leisure activities which must be provided on a date or at a fixed period;

Given the nature of the services provided, the participant does not benefit from any right of withdrawal.

The contract is therefore definitively concluded upon registration in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in these rules.

Article 15 – DISPUTE

Any complaint, with a view to an amicable settlement, must be made in writing to the organizer at the following address:

Association Club of the 20 km of Paris – 16 bis, avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or – CS 40300 –

94114 Arcueil Cedex.

This request must be accompanied by a stamped envelope for the reply, prepared with the name and address of the recipient, within 30 days after the race.

Any dispute must be brought before the competent court.


The participant accepts these rules without reservation.

Registration implies acceptance without restriction or reservation of these rules.

These regulations may be subject to subsequent modifications, the version applicable on the day of the race.

Didier Eck

President of the association 20 km from Paris