These rules apply, without restriction or reservation, to any participant in the Vredestein 20 km race in Paris.

The main characteristics of the race are presented on the website:

The participant is required to read it before any registration.

The participant declares to have read these rules and to have accepted them.


The Vredestein 20 km de Paris event is an international off-stadium race with the World Athletics "Road race label" over a distance of 20 kilometers (a single loop) through the streets of western Paris and the Bois de Boulogne.

The race will take place on Sunday October 8, 2023.

The course of the Vredestein 20 km from Paris complies with the regulations for events outside the stadium (World Athletics (WA) and French Athletics Federation (FFA)).


Under the aegis of the town hall of Paris and with the assistance of the Prefecture of Police of Paris, the 45th edition of the Vredestein 20 km of Paris is organized by:

The Association "Club of the 20 km of Paris"

16 bis, avenue Prior of the Côte d'Or
CS 40300

94114 Arcueil Cedex


Participation in the event is subject to:

Age category

The event is open to adult riders, licensed or not, from the junior category and born before October 9, 2005.

Medical certificate

Articles L.231-2 and L.231-3 of the Sports Code and the law of April 5, 2006 relating to the fight against doping and the health of athletes oblige all French or foreign riders to provide proof their aptitude for running in competition, aptitude justified by a medical certificate.

In accordance with article 231-2-1 of the Sports Code, participation in this event is subject to the mandatory presentation of:

– either an Athlé competition, Athlé entreprise, Athlé option Running license or a Pass' J'aime Courir issued by the FFA valid on the date of the event.

Please note: other licenses issued by the FFA (Health, Manager and Discovery) are not accepted.

– either a sports license valid on the date of the event, issued by an approved federation only (list in the Appendix of these regulations), on which must appear, by any means, the mention of the absence of counter -indication for the practice of sport in competition or running (or athletics) in competition;

– either for major non-licensees, upon presentation of a medical certificate, mentioning the absence of any contraindication to the practice of running (or athletics) in competition, dated less than one year on the date of the race. No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.

The licenses issued by the delegated federations, i.e. the Olympic and non-Olympic single-sport federations (and in particular the Triathlon or Orienteering federations) even bearing the mention of an absence of contraindication to practicing sport in competition or running (or athletics) in competition will not be accepted.

Foreign athletes, even licensed from a federation affiliated with the WA, must provide a medical certificate in French (or accompanied by a French translation if written in another language).

Please note: runners are asked to send the organization a copy of their medical certificate bearing the obligatory mention that there are no contraindications to the practice of sport in competition or running in competition or athletics in competition and to keep the original (it can be used for other events) and, as far as possible, to have it with you when collecting bibs in order to settle any disputes that may arise (legibility, expiration, etc.).

  • The right to vote

The registration fee which includes participation in the race, the souvenir t-shirt and the finisher medal is:

– €48 including tax until May 31, 2023;

– 53 € including tax from 1er June to August 31, 2023;

– €59 including tax after August 31, 2023;

– 70 € including tax on the village if the sale is implemented.

The registration fees are to be paid in cash, in full on the day of registration on the Njuko registration platform for the benefit of the Association Club des 20 km de Paris.

The Association Club des 20 km de Paris undertakes to donate €3 per individual registration for the benefit of a charitable association.

Specific rates are set up for groups (companies, solidarity associations or not, clubs, etc.) according to the closing dates for group registrations. Groups can contact the Association Club des 20 km de Paris for more information.

Promotional offers may be offered.

  • Bib

The participant must wear visibly, by hanging it on the front of the T-shirt at chest level throughout the entire competition, in its entirety, the bib provided by the organization.


  • Generalities
· Online registrations – closing when the number of bibs available is exhausted.

Registration is done on the Vredestein 20 km de Paris website, which redirects to the Njuko platform, technical service provider for the 20km de Paris club association.

To this end, the participant must complete a registration form and accept these race rules without reservation.

The participant undertakes to provide only sincere information.

Payment is made by secure payment, on the Njuko platform by bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)

Payment by bank card is irrevocable, except in the case of fraudulent use of the card. In this case, the Participant may request the cancellation of the payment and the restitution of the corresponding sums.

Payments made by the participant will only be considered final after actual collection of the sums due.

All registrations are firm and final and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

Important: any application submitted other than through this site or through sites accredited to offer registration for our events (in particular by e-mail, post or delivered by hand) cannot be taken into account.

  • Group registration

Registrations are managed solely by the commercial department of the Association Club des 20km de Paris.

  • Disabled Athletes “Armchair”

Wheelchair athletes are accepted, except those of the "Handibyke" type considered as cyclists by the Handisport Federation. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The wheelchair must be equipped with a braking device. A classification separate from the general classification will be established.

  • Disabled Athletes “Stand Up”

Handisport “Standing” athletes are accepted. A classification separate from the general classification will be established.

  • Joëlette

The participation of joëlettes is authorized. They will be positioned at the start in a dedicated SAS. The joëlettes will leave in a single wave. By way of derogation from the recommendations of the FFA, the number of accompanying persons is between 2 and 8. All the runners of a joëlette team will have a bib with a personal chip and will therefore be classified but they must commit to completing the race with the joëlette team with which they are registered.

The companions will be registered as classic runners and will have to fulfill the same obligations. The registration of the joëlette passenger will be offered by the organization but, for his safety, he or his association must nevertheless provide a specific medical certificate authorizing him to participate as a joëlette passenger in the Vredestein 20km de Paris.

Pushchairs for children specially adapted for running are prohibited except for running the race with a child with a disability on board. Registration for the disabled child will be offered by the organization. The stroller and the runner will leave from SAS Joëlettes.

  • Cancellation

Only competitors licensed by the FFA and holders of a valid Annual Pass J'aime Courir or Pass Event J'aime Courir automatically benefit from cancellation insurance. The conditions of application of this insurance are described in the documents provided by the intermediary who offers this insurance (here the FFA). If applicable, requests for the application of cancellation insurance should be sent exclusively to the following address: .


The bibs are to be collected, on presentation of an identity document accompanied by the collection voucher, at the village of the event, during the opening hours of the village to the public.

The medical certificate or the license must have been previously uploaded in the runners' registration form and validated by the Vredestein 20 km de Paris so that the file is complete. A competitor's bib can be given to a third party upon presentation of a copy of the competitor's identity document and his withdrawal slip.

Please note: No bibs will be distributed on Sunday October 8, 2023.

Prohibition to give up a bib

All commitments are personal, firm and definitive. No transfer of registration is authorized for any reason whatsoever on the face-to-face race. Any person retroceding his bib, even free of charge, to a third party will be held liable in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in this type of situation. The person in charge of registrations on behalf of a group (company, club, associations, school, etc.) is required to inform participants of the content of the race rules, of the prohibition on the transfer of the bib and may, if necessary, in the event of an accident, see his liability sought.

It is nevertheless possible to transform a registration for the Vredestein 20 km of Paris face-to-face into a registration for the Vredestein 20 km of Paris connected without additional cost or refund at the request of the registered runner.


The competition takes place according to the sporting rules of the FFA.

  • Jury

The jury is made up of FFA officials, under the authority of one or more off-stadium official referees. Any complaints may be made in accordance with federal procedures. Their decisions are final.

  • Aid to competitors

Any outside help, including out-of-area refueling, is prohibited.

  • follower

No follower is accepted, under penalty of disqualification.

  • Hourly limits

Participants have a maximum race time of 2h50 to complete the course from their departure time. The end-of-race vehicle may ask the competitor who is unable to finish within the time limit to withdraw from the race. After this decision, competitors wishing to continue on their way must do so in places reserved for pedestrians and comply with the traffic rules of the highway code.

  • Timing

The timing system used is the B-Tag (Chronotrack): a chip, in the form of a strip, is stuck to the bib. Intermediate times are taken every five (5) kilometers. For the time to be validated at the finish, the competitor must run the entire race on the roadway and have validated his time on all the intermediate timings.

All registrants will be given a bib with an electronic chip which will be automatically initialized on the starting line and will serve as a race regularity check every 5 km. A competitor not taking the road cannot be classified at the finish.

  • Headphones

Headphones or audio earpieces are authorized but remain the responsibility of the runner. However, for obvious safety reasons, the organizers strongly advise against the use of headsets which could interfere with listening to one's own environment during the events.


The organizers take out insurance covering the consequences of their civil liability and those of their employees. Proof can be provided to any participant who requests it. This guarantee will intervene in complement or in the absence of other insurances which could play elsewhere.

Unless they have waived it, FFA licensed athletes are covered by “bodily injury” insurance. It is strongly recommended that other participants take out individual accident insurance, covering bodily injury to which their sporting practice may expose them.

The organizer declines all responsibility in the event of damage (theft, breakage, loss, etc.) suffered by the personal property of the participants, even if it is in his custody. The participants cannot therefore turn against the organizer for any damage caused to their equipment. The subscription of an insurance guaranteeing these risks is the responsibility of the participant.


  • Standings

It will be established at least one male scratch classification and one female scratch classification.

There is a classification for each category defined by the French Athletics Federation. The runners will receive their scratch classification and their classification in their category.

There is a separate classification for disabled athletes “Armchair” and disabled athletes “Standing”.

  • Rewards

A cup will be awarded to the first 3 of the scratch ranking in the "Men" and "Women" categories. A cup will be awarded to the first 3 of the Handisports "Armchair" competition. All finishers will be given a souvenir medal and a diploma to download.

  • Scratch leaderboard bonuses

The performance bonus grid is as follows:.

Category Men

And Female Category

1er 2 500 €
2th 2 000 €
3th 1 500 €
4th 1 000 €
5th 500 €

Handisport “Armchair” prizes

The result bonus grid for wheelchair disabled sports is as follows:

Men's Handisport Category

And Women's Handisport Category

1er 1 000 €
2th 500 €
3th 250 €


  • Publication of results

The results are published on the Vredestein 20 km de Paris website. The provisional results are published on Sunday afternoon (race day) and the final and official results within a week.

In accordance with the law known as "Informatique et Libertés", participants may oppose the publication of their result on these sites in the event of a legitimate reason (for the FFA, make a request directly to the email address

Art. 9: SUPPLY

The supplies offered will be as follows:

  • Un solid supply will be distributed on arrival in individual containers with products capable of providing the calories necessary for this type of effort. the number of solid supplies on the course of the event will be determined according to the health constraints applicable on the day of the race.
  • 4 liquid supplies : one at km 6, one at km 10, one at km 14 and another at the finish.


Road safety and medical safety adapted to the number of competitors and the duration of the race are ensured on the course. The health services may decide to disqualify a competitor for medical reasons.

  • Channels used

The competition takes place partly on lanes open to traffic, competitors must imperatively take the right side of the roadway. 

  • Competitor Safety 

The “Rescue” system put in place is provided jointly by the Paris Seine Civil Protection and the SAMU. This device is subject to the approval of the Paris Police Prefecture. 

It may be decided by the “Rescue” system to disqualify a participant for safety or medical reasons, without the responsibility of the Association Club des 20 km de Paris being engaged or sought. 

  • recovery area 

A recovery area will be open to runners. Massages will be provided for the runners at the end of the event unless the sanitary conditions do not allow it. 

  • Lockers area 

There is a left-luggage area where the competitor can deposit his change bag which he will collect after the race. This locker area will be set up on Sunday morning before and after the race. 


Participation in the Vredestein 20 km de Paris is prohibited for all wheeled vehicles, except those of the organization or accepted by it, as well as animals. Similarly, it is forbidden to introduce on the site of the event any dangerous or illegal object. 

The Association Club des 20 km de Paris reserves the right to exclude any contravener of these principles, without its liability being engaged or sought. 

In general, any behavior that could harm the smooth running of the event and/or the safety of the participants may be sanctioned by exclusion from the event. 


By registering for the Vredestein 20 km de Paris, the participant expressly authorizes the association Club des 20 Km de Paris as well as its beneficiaries (such as partners and media) to use or have used or reproduce or have reproduced his name, his image, his voice and his sporting performance within the framework of the sporting event with a view to any direct exploitation or in derivative form of the event and this, on any medium, throughout the world, by any means known or unknown to to date, and for the entire duration of protection currently granted to these direct or derivative uses by legislative or regulatory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for extensions any that could be made to this duration. 

This authorization is given without financial compensation and remuneration due to the use of the images produced. 

The Association Club des 20 km de Paris is expressly prohibited from exploiting the photographs likely to infringe the private life or reputation of the participant, and from using the photographs covered by this authorization on any medium of likely to cause harm to the participant. 

The participant may object to the use of his image (and request the modification and withdrawal of the latter) by email to the address or by post accompanied by a copy of a piece of signed identity, addressed to: Association Club des 20 km de Paris, 16bis avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or CS 40300 94114 Arcueil Cedex. 


Data collected

By registering for the Vredestein 20 km de Paris, the competitor is required to provide a certain amount of data and information, in particular during the registration procedure. This data makes it possible to identify the competitor, directly or indirectly, and may be considered as personal data within the meaning of the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data. 

In general, the personal data communicated by the participants is intended for the personnel authorized by the Club des 20 km de Paris Association, who may be members of the Association or a service provider responsible for processing this data (timekeeper, printer of the bibs, registration manager, communication agency, etc.). 

The Association Club des 20km de Paris collects this data, for specific purposes, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and with the consent of the participant, and in particular for the purposes of:

  • Allow the creation, management and access to the participant's account;
  • Provide the information and options chosen;
  • Allow the processing, monitoring and management of participant registrations for the various editions of the Vredestein 20 km de Paris;
  • Fight against fraud;
  • Allow the management, modification and services offered by the Association Club des 20 km de Paris͖;
  • Send emails or messages to provide the participant with any useful information such as order confirmation, updates, newsletters from Vredestein 20 km from Paris, etc.;
  • Send e-mails or SMS to the participant in order to provide him with information, announcements and updates relating to the Vredestein 20 km from Paris;
  • Collect information, in particular through polls, surveys or questionnaires;
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions, in particular with regard to the absence of medical contraindications to participation in the Vredestein 20km de Paris;
  • Send emails or SMS to inform the participant of other partner events that may be of interest;
  • Enable the marketing management and promotion of the services offered by the Association Club des 20km de Paris;
  • Send emails or SMS, in order to communicate promotional offers, advertisements or other commercial communications from partners
  • Organize lotteries and contests and allow the participant to register and participate in them,
  • Inform the participant of his results, send him his diplomas;
  • Allow any other purpose specified when collecting the Data. 


At the end of the Vredestein 20 km de Paris race, information related to the participant's sporting performance (in particular his result, photos and videos, progress on the course) is published on the website. . The participant's sporting results will also be published on the website of the French Athletics Federation. If the participant wishes to oppose the publication of his result, he must expressly inform the Association Club des 20km de Paris at the address as well as the FFA at the following email address: The results of the participant associated with his surname, first name and region are also likely to be used by any media. 

Monitoring of the participant's race on the course

By choosing to take part in the Vredestein 20 km de Paris, participants acknowledge that their progress on the course will be accessible by any user who has downloaded the "Chrono Course" application as well as on the Event website, the timing chips making it possible to detect the passages of the participants every five (5) kilometers approximately. The participants accept that any user of the application or the Internet is likely to be able to follow them, by providing their surname and/or first name and/or bib number. 


If a participant wishes to oppose such publications for a legitimate reason, he must imperatively communicate this decision to the Association Club des 20km de Paris at the address, upstream of the event and at the latest thirty (30) days before the latter so that the appropriate measures are taken. 

Data Sharing

The Association Club des 20km de Paris may share data concerning participants with third parties. If a participant has ordered products or services from partners through the Association, the Association Club des 20 km de Paris may share the participant's data with the partners concerned. These third parties may send communications, correspondence and emails to the participant. 

If the participant subscribed during his registration to the order of an option from a partner of the Vredestein 20 km from Paris (a product or a service for example), these partners are likely to send him communications, correspondence or mails. 

Finally, the Association Club des 20 km de Paris may share data with its suppliers, service providers, subcontractors or members of the association responsible for certain tasks on its behalf. For example, these suppliers can be the registration manager, the timekeeper, the bib manufacturer, the company in charge of medical assistance. These partners have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data. 

The data is hosted in France. 

By telephone call and/or post or by e-mail or SMS, the participant is likely to receive promotional offers from commercial partners provided that he has ticked the box provided for this purpose when placing his order. The data is never transferred or sold by the Association Club des 20 km de Paris to third parties.

In any event, the participant may at any time oppose it under the conditions set out below. 

In application of the law of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms reinforced and supplemented by the RGPD (general regulation on data protection) and modified by law n ° 2018-493 of June 20, 2018, the participant has the rights of interrogation, access, rectification and opposition for legitimate reasons relating to all the data concerning him as well as a right of opposition to the commercial prospecting of the Association Club des 20 km from Paris and/or its business partners. The participant also has the right to formulate specific or general directives concerning the storage, erasure and communication of his post-mortem data.

The participant can exercise all of his rights by email to the address or by post accompanied by a copy of a signed identity document, addressed to: the Association Club des 20 km de Paris , 16bis avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or CS 40300 94114 Arcueil Cedex. 

Requests will be taken into account as soon as possible. 

Participants may also unsubscribe from newsletters by going directly to the bottom of one of the newsletters they receive. Requests will be taken into account within a maximum period of 48 hours – 2 working days – except for requests sent by post, which require a period of 8 days. 


The competitor undertakes on his honor not to anticipate the start, to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line and to ensure that his bib, placed on his chest, is fully legible during the race. 


Any abandonment of equipment, any throwing of waste outside the places provided for this purpose will result in the disqualification of the offending competitor. 

Art. 16: COVID-19 

The Association Club des 20 km de Paris may require the implementation of a health protocol. 

If necessary, this health protocol will be established taking into account the requirements imposed by the public authorities. 

The health protocol may in particular include the obligation for each participant to present a document attesting to non-infection with the COVID-19 virus or even a health pass. 

In any case, the participant must strictly respect the said Health Protocol and acknowledges that the Association Club des 20 km de Paris has the right to refuse participation or even to exclude the participant from the event in the event of non-compliance, and this, without the responsibility of the Association Club des 20 km de Paris being engaged or sought. 


In the event of force majeure, in particular and without this list being exhaustive, in the event of climatic events, natural disasters, changes in health restrictions, the Association Club des 20 km de Paris may at any time terminate the demonstration. Participants will be notified by all possible means, they must then strictly comply with the directives of the organization. Failure to comply with these instructions will de-facto lead to the end of the organiser's liability. The participant cannot claim any refund or compensation in this regard. 


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event on any date whatsoever:

  • either at the request of the administrative authority,
  • either in the event of non-authorization to hold the event from the administrative authorities
  • or in the event of force majeure (bad weather, competitor gauge imposed too low, total or partial confinement, etc.). 

In this case, all those registered for the Vredestein 20km de Paris face-to-face event will automatically be registered for the connected version of our race, at no additional cost. 

No total or partial refund will be paid for the cancellation of the event. 


It is recalled here that in accordance with the provisions of Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code: "The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts (...) for leisure activities which must be provided on a date or at a specified period;

Given the nature of the services provided, the participant does not benefit from any right of withdrawal. 

The contract is therefore definitively concluded upon registration in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in these rules. 

Art. 20: DISPUTE 

Any complaint, with a view to an amicable settlement, must be made in writing to the organizer at the following address: Association Club des 20 km de Paris – 16 bis, avenue Prieur de la Côte d'Or – CS 40300 – 94114 Arcueil Cedex. This request must be accompanied by a stamped envelope for the answer, prepared with the name and address of the recipient, within 30 days after the race. Any dispute must be brought before the competent court. 


The participant accepts these rules without reservation. 

Registration implies acceptance without restriction or reservation of these rules. 

These regulations may be subject to subsequent modifications, the version applicable on the day of the race. 


The Participant acknowledges having had communication, prior to their registration and the conclusion of the contract, in a readable and understandable manner, of these rules and of all the information listed in Article L. 221-5 of the Consumer Code, and in particular the following information:

the essential characteristics of the services offered, taking into account the communication medium used and the service concerned;

-  the price of the services;

-  information relating to the identity of the organizer, his postal, telephone and electronic contact details, and his activities, if they are not apparent from the context,

-  information relating to the absence of withdrawal;

-  the means of payment accepted. 


Didier Eck

 President of the Club Association of the 20 km of Paris





 1 – Affinities

-Federation of French Alpine and Mountain Clubs

-French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics

-French Federation for Physical Training in the Modern World

-French Federation of Sports Retirement

-French Federation of Labor Sport

-Federation of Sports and Artistic Clubs of National Defense

-National Federation of Sport in Rural Areas

- Sports and Cultural Federation of France

-Maccabi Sports and Cultural Federation

-Federation of Sports and Labor Gymnastics

- French Police Sports Federation

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- French Omnisports Federation of Education Staff Nat͘ and J͘ and Sports

-French Federation of Company Sport

-Leo Lagrange National Sports Union

-Sports Federation of ASPTT

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2 – Disabled

- French Handisport Federation

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3 – Schools and Universities

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